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Biografie from Weekend of Robots (partysolution)


The founder of the Weekend of Robots Partysolution label, Marcel Amann,

has been acting as a disc jockey for over 20 years by now. Since 2004, he is an

independent producer of electronic music.

His genres include all currently known forms of modern music.

The reason for this is the wish of merging genres and scenes.

Marcel A. can’t imagine anything worse than classification.

In his opinion, merging different styles with each other enables the encounter

of more people which also increases the formation of new groups of our species.

Moreover, the question arises whether it is possible to reinvent the wheel in the

music scene of modern productions.


Although new rack extensions and VSTs are constantly appearing on the market,

even technology slowly pushes to the limit.

In his productions, focused on progressive house, he integrates often several

elements of other styles.


Or they change spontaneously.


Sometimes Marcel Amann tries completely new creations of beat programming.

The groove and the slight dequantization often give the sounds a human character.

And why not get away from perfectionism for once. We are humans,

not programmed machines.


       Websites : www.weekend-of-robots.com Booking : www.weofro.com

       We wish you party, together. Full of unity, love and peace



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