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Weekend of Robots


  • Discjockey since 2001
  • Making Dj-ing in nearly every Discotek in West-Austria
  • Musicproduction from 2006 till now 
  • 2014 to 2016 East-Austria and Switzerland (Zürich/Streetparade!)
  • Since 2014 promoted by Feiyr at Beatport !!!
  • Maxi SingleOut of Depression Weekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution01.07.2010
  • Maxi SingleMozart Was a Playboy Xs909Weekend of Robots Partysolution12.07.2010
  • Maxi SingleCity of PeaceWeekend of Robots Weekend of Robots Partysolution30.04.2012
  • Maxi SingleTomy GunMatrixxxxx Weekend of Robots Partysolution14.02.2012
  • Maxi Single Albert Hofmann  
  • Xs909Weekend of Robots Partysolution30.11.2011
  • Maxi SingleOut of Jail Out Of ControlMatrixxxxxWeekend of Robots Partysolution30.11.2011
  • Maxi Single The Place I Belong
  • Weekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution16.11.2011
  • Maxi SingleBest of Weekend of RobotsWeekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution30.09.2011
  • Maxi SingleDrips At Night MatrixxxxxWeekend of Robots Partysolution01.01.2011
  • Maxi Single Jimi Hendrix the Lover
  • Weekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution30.11.2010
  • Maxi SingleDont Want to Be a Freak But...Xs909Weekend of Robots Partysolution22.09.2010
  • Maxi Single Arpeggiated Weekend Of Robots Weekend of Robots Partysolution 23.08.2010
  • Maxi SingleThe AdditionWeekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution06.09.2014
  • Maxi SingleSubtractionWeekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution31.07.2014
  • Maxi SinglePassionWeekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution30.05.2014
  • Maxi Single Without Anyone
  • Xs909Weekend of Robots Partysolution01.11.2013
  • Maxi Single Trinity333 Is Born
  • Trinity333Weekend of Robots Partysolution31.08.2013
  • Maxi Single My First Dubstep
  • MatrixxxxxWeekend of Robots Partysolution08.08.2013
  • EP Future Weekend of Robots
  • Weekend of Robots Partysolution08.08.2013
  • Maxi Single The Heritage Xs909
  • Weekend of Robots Partysolution19.07.2013
  • AlbumDon't DoXs909Weekend of Robots Partysolution03.06.2013
  • Maxi SingleMushrooms Instead of BombsWeekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution30.09.2012
  • 2-CD Album2000Weekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution30.03.2016
  • EPThe Community EPWeekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution24.12.2015
  • Maxi Single It Is Forgotten What We Really Need Weekend of Robots
  • Weekend of Robots Partysolution29.11.2015
  • Maxi SinglePositive DropsWeekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution31.10.2015
  • EP Deep in Myself I Can See a Little Light - EP Weekend of Robots
  • Weekend of Robots Partysolution31.07.2015
  • Maxi Single Breaking the Break
  • Weekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution25.06.2015
  • EP Revolution and Hope 
  • Weekend of Robots Weekend of Robots Partysolution31.03.2015
  • Maxi SingleSecretsWeekend of RobotsWeekend of Robots Partysolution18.02.2015
  • Maxi Single The Game Weekend of Robots Weekend of Robots Partysolution 31.12.2014
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